Site to Site

A point to point leased line is a dedicated circuit that goes from one customer location to another.

For example, this could be a link between two offices or branches.
Site to site wireless, also known as point to point wireless is a flexible and scalable solution to standard lease lines.

The circuit simply routes traffic between two sites and does not have any internet connectivity provided with the service. This is commonly used, so organisations can guarantee the security of data transferred between two locations, and if necessary at a much higher speed than a DSL service.

Why would you choose to have site to site wireless?

  • It connects two or more locations/buildings together to provide one single network
  • To increase your high speed connectivity or alternatively obtain high speed connectivity
  • Where you need to connect multiple sites and leased lines or direct cabling are not an option
  • To provide a temporary site link

Site to Site Wireless

Benefits of site to site wireless include:

  • No wires
  • Reduces your operating and initial installation costs
  • If you’re experiencing any environmental barriers, then this overcomes them
  • Upgradable speeds
  • One reliable network without the need to install cables underground or invest in a high speed fibre link between sites

When you choose Fifteen Group to install your site to site wireless you will receive:

Out of office hours support
Rapid deployment for disaster recovery
Quick turnaround and installation
Award winning solutions and expertise
Exceptional customer service with:

  • No call queues
  • Direct contact with UK based technical support
  • Quick resolution of issues